Amour Bohemian


MERCH is the recording monicker of Joe Medina. He creates richly grand cinematic vocal music. His latest album Amour Bohemian is available on November 3rd.




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United States Dates:

7/24 Elizabeth’s Records Columbus, Ohio

7/25 American Dream Hi-Fi Kokomo, Indiana

7/26 Everybody’s Records Cincinatti, Ohio

7/27 Surface Noise Louisville, Kentucky

7/28 The Groove Nashville, Tennessee

7/30 Dead Tech Atlanta, Georgia

7/31 Earth Libraries Record Label Event Birmingham, Alabama

8/1 Memphis, Tennessee

8/2 Skullyz New Orleans, LA

8/3 Cactus Music Houston, Texas

8/4 BLK Vinyl Austin, Texas

8/6 Heads Up Music Taos, New Mexico

8/7 Stinkweeds Phoenix, Arizona

8/8 M Theory San Diego, California

8/9 Warbler Records & Goods Santa Barbara, California

8/10 Tower District Records Fresno, California

8/11 Adobe Books & Arts Collective San Francisco, California

8/13 Eugene, Oregon

8/14 Mothership Music Portland, Oregon

8/15 Mossy Bottom Records Olympia, Washington

8/16Seattle, Washington

8/17Spokane, WA

8/18 Earth Libraries Record Label Event Boise, Idaho

8/20Provo, Utah

8/21Denver, CO

8/22Omaha, Nebraska

8/23Des Moines, IA

8/24Milwaukee or Madison

8/25 Transistor Chicago, IL

Detroit (home)

8/27Akron, Ohio or Cleveland

8/28 The Government Center Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

8/29Baltimore, Maryland


8/31NYC or Brooklyn

9/1New Haven, Connecticut

9/2Providence, Rhode Island

9/3Boston, Massachusetts

9/4Portland, Maine

9/5Burlington, Vermont

9/6Syracuse, New York

9/7Rochester, New York

9/8Dayton, Ohio

9/9Detroit (home)

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amour bohemian


'Amour Bohemian' is a renn-rock masterpiece. Pretty much all you could want from a deep album. Well done, sir. A little bit of Lou Reed, Scott Walker, Roy Wood..hell, I even hear a tiny bit of KISS in here!

John Dwyer, Thee Oh Sees, Castle Face Records

This album is a rich, rare thing. It is filled with so much texture and difference, remaining cohesive in its tapestry. In each melody and arrangement, Medina’s voice and song-body effortlessly transport us to a time and space unusual yet deeply familiar.

Yrsa Daley-Ward, author of 'Bone', Penguin Books

It's a record with much to cherish and appears to be about Love and all its complications--romantic love, love of music, love of people, even love for the myths we create about ourselves. I'm not sure there is anything else quite like it right now.

Michelle Tea, author of Black Wave, How To Grow Up: A Memoir, Mermaid In Chelsea Creek, Rent Girl, and Valencia

There are some gigs when you are more focused on tech--just part of the job. I mean it goes and it flies away. Then there are others where you remember moments for a longer time. I recently went through pictures of the session for Amour Bohemian to reminisce on Joe's reactions: concentration, surprise, tension, and relief. I am very much looking forward to working with Medina again.

Petr Pycha, Orchestra Director for 'Amour Bohemian', Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, Adele '25', Fargo on F/X, and countless other TV & Film credits




A Few Reviews For MERCH's cult classic

This Betrayal Will Be Our End

“I know we’re not even halfway into the year, but I’ll make the perhaps bold proclamation that San Francisco band Merch’s album “This Betrayal Will Be Our End” will be the surprise of 2012.”
-- Vinyl Under Review: A-

“reaches to be a time-forgotten concept album...recommended for anyone who gets off on that merciless gut knot that comes with true loss.
--I Must Find Atlantis

“Really nice psychedelic album with high quality production and orchestration. You can hear some quite unique sounds on it. So if you are for modern psychedelia, go for it!”
--Psychedelic Baby Magazine

“The army of string instrumentation which Medina uses in “This Betrayal Will Be Our End” is certainly enhanced when listening to the record on vinyl...has taken the pain and agony of a broken relationship and converted it into art.”
--Modern Vinyl

“unfurls darkly and dramatically, shifting constantly from sound to sound...minor key miserablist downer pop blurs into stripped down bluesy rock, fuzzed out indie rock blossoms into bombastic almost progginess, twang flecked drifts sprawl into propulsive hypnotic minimalism which in turn transforms into shimmery acoustic folk and back again”
--Aquarius Records

“right away, the record is off to a powerful start...rich with orchestral genius...the presentation here is unique and fresh...I like how this album is not afraid to leap from genre to genre without losing consistency...this recording is something to be heard.
--Tuning In To The Obscure: 4.7 out of 5

“plumbs the depths of personal misery and human suffering in a relationship gone bad...songs that could be Arthur Russell or Yo La Tengo outtakes. Plenty of depression, bedroom-symphonic arrangements, and brutally honest lyrics...High quality sound, good mixing and arrangements.
--The Record Geeks